Missions Publiques recognized “Pioneering practitioner” by Apolitical Foundation

At Missions Publiques, we are proud to have our efforts recognized by the Apolitical Foundation as pioneering in the field of “democratic innovations” for “supporting politicians to empower citizens and develop better policies for people and the planet”. The “democratic innovation” we’re particularly proud of at Missions Publiques? our decentralized model for global citizens’ assemblies.

Since the beginnings of Missions Publiques, we have initiated global processes by building on coalitions of strategic and local partners. This model thrives on the strength of our extensive network of Global Fellows, which is rapidly approaching 100 local partners worldwide. These partners are more than just collaborators; they are the cornerstone of our model, co-designing and adapting our dialogue methodology to resonate with diverse local contexts.

These fellows, deeply rooted in their unique cultural, social, and political landscapes, play a critical role in customizing the global approach. Their insights and expertise allow us to mold our commonly designed dialogue methodology to fit distinct local environments. This collaborative strategy ensures that each local assembly transcends being a mere application of a standard format; instead, they emerge as culturally sensitive, contextually relevant, and locally initiated projects.

This approach not only respects the uniqueness of local cultures but also enhances the relevance and impact of our global digital policy discussions. The result is a set of assemblies that are individually distinct yet collectively powerful in their global comparability and influence.

Join us as we continue to innovate and expand the reach of participatory and inclusive governance, ensuring more voices are heard and valued in the global policy arena.

Go to Apolitical Foundation’s website here.

Contact our colleague for more information: maria.tazi@missionspubliques.com

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