The Team

We are a team of around fifteen people based in Paris, Brussels and Bonn


Judith Ferrando y Puig


"What motivates me on a daily basis is to connect with people and allow them to enter the complexity of collective choices."

Yves Mathieu

Co-director and founder

“The results of the citizen dialogues demonstrate that their expertise bring new perspectives to decision-making.”

Antoine Vergne


"My dream is a political society in which forms of democracy complement and enrich each other."

The team

Elsa Ogien

Participatory project manager

Erwan Dagorne

Consultation and participatory projects manager

Ariane Ioannides

Director of communication

Ophélie Bretaudeau

Participatory project manager

Benoît Verhulst

Participatory projects manager (Bruxelles team)

Pierre Arène

Participatory project manager

Théa Disdier-Haumesser

Participatory project manager

Yann Feurté

Communication officer & Data Protection Officer

Camille Dobler

Head of Research (Bruxelles team)

Irina Bonczok

Participatory project assistant

Clarence Lanoë

Responsable des Ressources Humaines et Office manager


Participatory projects assistant

Jean Baudroux

Digital Communication Officer

Hazem Arab

Participatory Project Manager

Paul Chapdelaine

Participatory Project Manager

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