Learn about the principles and methods of deliberative democracy

The OECD and UN Democracy Fund have identified citizen deliberation using random selection and extended time as the most promising way to improve democracies worldwide. On September 3rd, G1000 University 2020 gave the floor to experts of the field to disseminate these citizen convention practices. Watch the video and learn about how to use these methods in your own community from our Founder and Co-Director Yves Mathieu, who co-designed the French Convention for Climate.

All speakers have worked for both national, regional, and city governments in France, Canada, Australia & Denmark. Each expert has been a central actor in planning or setting up a deliberative process. They briefly presented a case and then went into detail about a number of central aspects of planning such a process.

Yves Mathieu spoke about his insight into the French Convention for Climate. The success of this democratic process made it possible to place citizens’ expectations and proposals at the heart of a complex social debate and to include their experience in public decision-making. The Citizens’ Convention on Climate resulted in 149 proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, 146 of which were taken up by the Government.

Watch Yves’ direct insight into the Convention:

And watch Yves’ workshop on methods of deliberative democracy:

Cover photo ©Katrin Baumann
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