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"The challenges of the 21th century require restoring trust between citizens and decision-makers. This is why the modes of governance must evolve and adapt to the challenges to come.

Antoine Vergne, Judith Ferrando
& Yves Mathieu

Co-directors of Missions Publiques


is a company whose mission is to improve the dialogue between citizens, stakeholders and decision-makers, for better collective choices.


We’ve been supporting citizens’ dialogues from local to global level since 1998

Citizens' Convention on Climate

We accompanied the CCC for 9 months. 150 citizens were to formulate proposals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030, in a spirit of social justice

"We, the Internet"

A worldwide debate to set Internet governance for the next 30 years.

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International Citizens’ Dialogue on Driverless Mobility

Join thousands of citizens across the world to talk about the future of our mobility and the arrival of driverless vehicles


We work with more than
200 partners worldwide

Democracy R&D
Démocratie & Participation
"A global citizens’ debate is the first practical step towards global democracy.

Edgar Morin



Let’s shape the future together!

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