A partnership charter and action plan for Sensitive Natural Areas in Val-de-Marne

The Val-de-Marne départment is a long-standing partner of Missions Publiques, aiming to open dialogue on its projects. It has a proactive environmental policy and, in 2018, it set up a departmental plan for its Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS). Thirteen of these protected green areas were designated between 1990 and 2015, and this plan will highlight the strengths, opportunities, and threats that they face in order to mark out clear avenues for action.

Faced with major climate and environmental challenges and the unsustainable nature of our economic system, at Missions Publiques we are convinced that the ecological transition can only be achieved if it is co-created with citizens and grassroots stakeholders, who are often less afraid of change than many policy-makers. An ambitious and shared policy for the management of sensitive natural areas is part of this ecological transition.

Val-de-Marne shares this vision of the challenge and thus gave its many partners the opportunity to co-draft a “Partnership Charter”, a direct component of the ENS framework. The Charter not only states the stakeholders’ shared principles (promoting and developing biodiversity, sharing knowledge and experience, citizen participation and ownership) but also maps out an ambitious Action Plan for the coming years:

  • Consolidating and developing the natural context that harbors biodiversity;
  • Raising awareness among as many people as possible;
  • Developing agro-ecology;
  • Promoting and expanding the network of footpaths and hiking trails.

The Charter will be signed at a first Partnership Committee meeting in autumn 2019. Best of luck to all on this project!

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