Morgane Chrétien

What motivates me to do this job

It is the ability to have an impact on politics in association with the inhabitants of a city, a region, a country or a continent. Not to be only in the vision of a technical and cold practice, but to integrate the knowledge, the experience of the citizens. If we all had time to devote to the exercise of citizenship, then we would be able to understand the major issues of the planet. But people have little time for that. Our job is to create moments where citizens can talk to experts, elected officials, technicians, and debate together. It’s about creating dialogue and putting horizontality back into decision-making.

My first ‘public mission’

It all started with the revision of the Montreuil urban plan. The city wanted to write its road map for the next 10 to 15 years. Our intervention consisted in associating citizens to the project by making it as accessible as possible.
Among the issues, there was bringing in audiences that usually do not mobilize. We then went to French language learning classes, or to migrants’ shelters, in order to get in contact with alien populations who would have to remain in the country for a long time. We also went to the public space, to meet and mobilize the citizens, directly inside marketplaces and subways.

The mission that left the strongest impression on me

The mission on culture in Haute-Garonne. The management team of the department has a voluntarist cultural policy, and yet they have the feeling that they can not reach enough people, and that they alone do not have all the answers. They decided to meet local cultural actors. We then organized consultations with industry professionals and citizens to tour existing structures and understand their limitations.

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