Elian Belon

What motivates me to do this job

I love meeting people. I love bringing people together and meeting people myself, always in very different territories and on very different themes.
Doing this job is my way of contributing to a more democratic decision process. We make that possible by setting up opportunities for exchange and dialogue, whether they last a couple of hours or several days.

My first ‘public mission’

The citizens workshops on ageing well, for the Nord department in France in 2014.
An ambitious process driven by genuine political will, very strong citizen mobilization and very extensive reflexivity around this process, so that it gets better each time it is applied.
And there was an atmosphere unlike any other I’ve experienced: people in the north of France know how to create a really warm working environment.

The mission that left the strongest impression on me

We helped the Institut National du Cancer with a citizen and scientific consultation on breast cancer screening policy.
It was fascinating for two reasons: its subject matter, which was scientific and extremely complex and which I knew nothing about at the outset; then the original method we applied – a process of two-way mirror consensus conferences involving the lay public and healthcare professionals.

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