Erwan Dagorne

What motivates me to do this job

I want to play a role in the collective construction of our society, to make it more meaningful. In our age of great change, we need to come together and take time to reflect on our shared values. In my view, debate and communication are key to the healthy and responsible evolution of our societies.

My first ‘public mission’

I worked on the challenges involved in health and home care for sick people (or people with limited autonomy) in Franche-Comté. Our consultation involved the various stakeholders, the citizens concerned by the protocols and the healthcare staff. After listening to these people’s experience, we were able to think about ways of improving the region’s health policies. The healthcare professionals confirmed the relevance of the collaborative tools.

The mission that left the strongest impression on me

The citizens’ debate on Space for Europe. I worked very closely with the ESA and forged a better understanding of the issues it faces. I found myself at the heart of the processes, working with partners from the 22 countries in which the debate was held.
From a professional viewpoint, the methods used once again proved their worth when it comes to shaping future policies. On a more personal note, I was buoyed by the adrenaline rush that such a dense and intense event induces.

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