Antoine Vergne

What motivates me to do this job

I do this job to help push the boundaries of governance at every level, but especially at global level. My dream is a political society in which different forms of democracy complete and enhance one another. What I love is the random draw, which brings fresh views, openness and a long-term approach to politics – which is really just going back to basics. My PhD thesis covered this topic.

My first ‘public mission’

My first encounter with the Missions Publiques team was in 2007 via a citizens’ jury assessing the climate policy of the Poitou-Charentes region, the area I covered when researching my thesis. I was just an observer but rapidly became a participant too.

The mission that left the strongest impression on me

That was probably the Worldwide Views on Climate and Energy on June 6, 2015. It was a unique opportunity to experience a global consultation. And it was a milestone, after two and half years working hard to convince stakeholders and bring the project to fruition.

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