About us

About us

At Missions Publiques, we get citizens and stakeholders involved to improve governance and decision-making. Our consulting firm works at local, national and international levels, drawing on the expertise of non-experts to enhance the development of public policies and corporate strategies.

Shaping public policy

Citizens’ expertise is the most valuable ingredient when shaping territories and policies for now and for the future. No one can better judge a place than the people who live there.

Assessing strategies

By encouraging dialogue between the different areas of expertise – citizens, technical, political and economic experts – the resulting strategies are more coherent.

Creating opportunities for dialogue

Collective intelligence emerges from constructive, non-partisan forums. Winner/loser mentalities are put aside and everyone is given the chance to speak out to form enlightened, shared and inspiring viewpoints.

Strategic support

You can be sure that your strategy or policy takes on-board citizens’ expertise and benefits from dialogue between stakeholders.

Designing agile processes

Every issue is unique. Which is why you need hybrid methods that can grow and adapt to your particular challenges.

Empowerment and training

Your staff, the stakeholders and citizens are prepared for the participatory processes and the decision lab.

The team

Elian Belon

Creating opportunities for exchange and dialogue.

Morgane Chrétien

Escaping from a technical, cold practice.

Erwan Dagorne

Making our society meaningful.

Judith Ferrando

Increasing the feeling of a common good.

Yves Mathieu

Making the best of desirable futures happen.

Antoine Vergne
International projects manager

Helping to push boundaries.

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